Tony Pulis Worth West Brom Worth A Penalty When Vs Arsenal

Tony Pulis Worth West Brom Worth A Penalty When Vs Arsenal

West Bromwich Albion manager Tony Pulis believes his side deserved a penalty when they beat Arsenal 0-2 in the sixth week of the Premier League at the Emirates Stadium on Monday (9/25/2017) or Tuesday morning Agen Bola.

Arsenal won the victory thanks to a two-goal donation from Alexandre Lacazette.

The 26-year-old striker scored successfully after throwing a ball with a header in the 20th minute and a penalty execution in the 67th minute.

However, before Arsenal led the game in the 20th minute, West Bromwich Albion should have been awarded a penalty in the eighth minute after striker Jay Rodriguez was fouled by Skhodran Mustafi in the forbidden area.

Rodriguez was dropped while dodging in the opposite direction, but the 28-year-old striker immediately stood and fired a shot which still managed to deny goalkeeper Petr Cech and hit the post.

Tony Pulis judged that when his team got a chance to score after a foul, the referee could ignore the incident.

However, when the opportunity failed to bear fruit, the offense should be given to his team.

Moreover, it happens in the penalty box and Mustafi’s offense against Rodriguez who is the last player deserved red card rewarded.

“We have never asked a player to ask for a penalty and Rodriguez is still trying to score a goal, but when that opportunity fails, the referee should think back to the previous incident,” Pulis told the BBC.

“The offense could be a penalty and make the opposing players sent off, so not only can we have scoring chances, but the team will face opponents who play with 10 players,” he said.

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