Three Duel Players Malaysia vs Indonesia That Will Happen in SEA Games Semifinals 2017

Three Duel Players Malaysia vs Indonesia That Will Happen in SEA Games Semifinals 2017

Indonesia U-22 national team will face Malaysia in the semi-finals of the SEA Games soccer branch 2017 on Saturday (26/8) night.

Garuda Young himself qualify for the semi-finals with runner-up status of Group B to accompany the group winning Thailand. Malaysia won Group A with a perfect result, 12 points from four matches, and accompanied by Myanmar.

Malaysia also became a fertile team in the SEA Games in 2017 for scoring 10 goals throughout the group stage. However, Ong Kim Swee’s troops have conceded four goals.

Meanwhile, Indonesia is unbeaten throughout the group phase phase with three wins and two draws. Garuda Muda team scored seven goals and only conceded one.

From the group phase of the two teams live there are some players stand out and likely will duel on the game tonight. Here are three duel players Malaysia and Indonesia that potentially occur in the semi-final match.

1. Duel Andy Setyo vs Thannabalan Nadarajah

The absence of Hansamu Yama, coach Luis Milla hopes on players from PS PSI club. Moreover, solid performance and discipline has been shown by the former captain U-19 national team in this Eduar Tjong era.

Andy is a typical defender who is not adventurous. He played without compromise and discipline in guarding the defense of Indonesia. He is also calm in the play and not easily provoked provocation of opposing players.

But this toughness re-tested by the Malaysian striker, Thannabalan Nadarajah. At a meeting of U-23 Asia Cup qualifiers last month in Thailand, Andy already knows the greatness of the striker who scored one of his three goals nested into Satria Sama’s goal at the time.

Not only that, along the SEA Games title in 2017, Thannabalan has even scored three goals. These goals dilesatkan the player when playing against Singapore and Myanmar, as many as two goals. This incision placed him as Malaysia’s top score in the SEA Games.

Andy himself must be wary of the excess of the players who are able to escape from the shadows of opposing players. In addition, players from Felcra FC is also good at using the ball rebounds in the penalty box.

2. Evan Dimas vs Nor Azam Abdul Azih

Indonesia vs Malaysia match in semifinal SEA Games football 2017 as well as exciting duel between Evan Dimas vs Nor Azam. Who will win the game tonight will certainly master the midfield.

Both players themselves are the brains of both teams attack. Even both teams are very dependent on these two players as creators of attack.

It was obvious when both were absent on the pitch. For example when the game against Vietnam, the absence of Evan made Indonesia repeatedly failed to drain the ball into the front lines. The result, in that match Indonesia almost did not threaten the defense squad Nguyen Huu Thang care.

Evan’s ability to supply the ball into the attack line of Indonesia is currently still no player to replace it. Not only that Evan is also a complete player, he is also good at controlling the ball, and looking for empty space.

In Malaysia dependence with the Pahang FA penggawa is also felt when he was reserved in the game against Singapore at that time they even lost 1-0.

But the entry of players who have full name Nor Azam Abdul Azih this change the rhythm of tiger play Malaya. They finally led 2-1 where he also managed to score a goal from outside the penalty box. It is also a proof if this player also has a high goal scoring instinct.

Apart from the comparison of individual abilities, Evan has an advantage in terms of the experience of matching at national and international level compared to Nor Azam.

In addition to playing in a more regular competition, Evan is also noted to have strengthened the Indonesian national team at various levels and international competitions. While Nor not even record senior caps of the national team.

3. Ezra Walian vs Matthew Davies

Both players are both naturalized products and both have high posture. Surely these two players will be dueling each other when receiving the top balls.

Ezra’s own name so own concern for coach Ong Kwim Swee remember he has experience in European level competition. Ezra’s glorious appearance on the contra game of Cambodia is considered dangerous for Malaysia. Moreover, he has scored one goal.

While the advantages Davies also skilled in reading the strategy opponent. Therefore, the Indonesian national team must have a sniper strategy to outwit Davies.

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