Rows of Persebaya Guided Players Shining at Other Clubs

Rows of Persebaya Guided Players Shining at Other Clubs

Rows of Persebaya Guided Players Shining at Other Clubs

Persebaya Surabaya was once known as one of the star player producers. For years this club has produced many quality players. Among them, there is a big team with his senior, but not a few who flutter with other clubs.

In the last four years, the stars of the guided Persebaya many who choose out to other clubs. This happens as a result of Persebaya’s dualism conflict.

Currently there is a row of young players dropped Persebaya dropout. Call it two stars Madura United, Andik Rendika Rama and Fandi Eko Utomo. Before orbiting with Madura United, the two players had drawn the science of football in two internal clubs Persebaya.

Rama is a Surabaya Partners dropout and former teammate and friend of Evan Dimas Darmono. While Fandi Eko dropout PS Fajar. In addition to Madura United, both also have defended two big clubs of the country. Rama was noted to have strengthened Persija Jakarta and Fandi together Bhayangkara FC.

In addition to these two stars, the shiny Persebaya guard player at another club is Wahyu Subo Seto. Currently, the younger brother of Fandi strengthens Bhayangkara FC. Son of living legend Persebaya (Yusuf Ekodono) is touted as one of the talented young players who ever born Persebaya.

There is also a star of the results of the current Persebaya coaching with other clubs are Indonesian national team stars U-23 and Barito Putera Hansamu Yama Pranata (Black Ants), Persela midfielder Fahmi Al Ayyubi (Pusura and Bajul Ijo), former captain of the Indonesian national team U-19 Evan Dimas Darmono (Mitra Surabaya), and Indonesian national team goalkeeper and Persegres Satria Tama (HBS).

“Besides them, there are still many other clubs that are guided by Persebaya, such as Andik Vermansah KSI (now Selangor FA), Taufiq from Fatahillah 234 (Bali United), Slamet Nurcahyo ever in Assyabaab Surabaya (Madura United) and many more, “said Kardi Suwito, one of the officials of PT Persebaya Indonesia.

Although for the last three years of internal competition Askot PSSI Surabaya not played, Persebaya still continue to produce players reliably. Kardi is confident, despite only holding tournaments at all ages.

“Our coaching was disrupted when Persebaya under PT PI was not recognized by Djohar Arifin Husin’s PSSI era, but we are still able to produce a lot of talented young players, and in a year or two they will color football soccer,” he said.