President of Barcelona Give Last Message to Verratti

Marco Verratti

President of Barcelona Give Last Message to Verratti
Barcelona reportedly has failed to get Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) midfielder, Marco Verratti. Even so, this is the latest media claim and Verratti’s final statement Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

In fact, Barcelona has not lost hope to pursue Verratti. As reported by the sport, President of Barcelona, ​​Josep Maria Bartomeu to intervene to realize the transfer Veratti.

The Barcelona president gave an important message to players who staying digadang have a combined skill between Xavi and Iniesta it. Indeed, in his last statement, Verratti apologized to the act of his agent who called the owner of PSG had jailed his client.

Even so, the Italian midfielder like that has not lost hope to move. Barcelona also make sure it will still provide support.

“We will wait until August 31,” Bartomeu said to Verratti.

Not only sport, the usual media opposite Barcelona, ​​Marca also preach if the hunt against Verratti has not been over. Although Verratti has returned to practice with PSG, but the possibility of moving has not been over.

The surprise of PSG?

Marco Verratti

French media, L’Equipe even reported that PSG will eventually be willing to release Verratti. This is done in order to maintain the harmony of the PSG dressing room.

Rumor Verratti however has made the atmosphere in PSG a little disturbed. Therefore, PSG finally surrendered to Barcelona.

PSG is rumored to be ready to release Verratti with a transfer between 70 to 100 million euros. *

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