Pecchia: Verona Experiencing Identity Crisis

Pecchia: Verona Experiencing Identity Crisis

Fabio Pecchia admitted that Hellas Verona had lost their identity after promotion to Serie A, and recently lost to Roma.

Hellas looked confused and lucky to only lose 3-0 at the Stadio Olimpico, a week after they were beaten 5-0 by 5-0 by Fiorentina.

“We are currently experiencing confusion between wanting to attack or continuing to receive pressure from top Serie A teams,” Coach Pecchia told the media.

“Today we faced a strong opponent and it was disappointing, because we felt we had made it to Serie A just to be hit hard from the big teams of Serie A. At that time, all the trouble started.”

“We have to go into the penalty area and be there as long as possible to prepare the defense. I’m happy with Moise Kean’s performance. ”

“Right now, our team is having a tactical crisis and a lot of negative thoughts are coming up. It was a tough time, seen as we fought Napoli, managed to hold Crotone to a draw and then lost 5-0 by Fiorentina. This is not easy for a young team like us. ”

“We have to focus on working harder and taking a different approach for the season.”

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