Matic Officially So Belongs To Manchester United, Chelsea Will Face Problems

Matic Officially So Belongs To Manchester United, Chelsea Will Face Problems

Former goalkeeper who once struck across the footballing arena of England, Mark Bosnich claims that Chelsea can be a big risk after Nemanja Matic join Manchester United Situs Poker Online.

The man from Australia was revealed that the Blues can get into trouble to find a replacement figure Matic. It will greatly affect the balance of the team later on, and could affect the team’s preparations.

Reflect on Cantona’s move

Matic has just officially joined the rival, the Red Devils who signed him for three seasons. Bosnich likens the departure of Matic such as Eric Cantona who moved from Leeds United to Manchester United in 1992.

Conditions that resulted in Leeds seen lost a big figure in the team at that time, and had to laboriously build their reputation.

“I can not say that it (Matic transfer to MU) is something crazy but this is a big risk and we will both see it later,” Bosnich said.

“It’s the same as when Eric Cantona was sold by Leeds to Manchester United, the thing that then makes them mess when the Premier League starts.”

“I always thought that the club that sold his players was none other than because of fitness and that kind of thing.”

“The other side could be that the player does not want to go, or if he (Matic) really wants to reunite with Jose Mourinho, there’s nothing that can be maintained for an unhappy player in the dressing room.”

“You get a high price from him and expect the best for him. He’s been so incredible at Chelsea, and Chelsea must have thought of his successor. ”

Chelsea have prepared Bakayoko

Matic played an important role for Chelsea last season, when they won the English Premier League title. Accuracy of bait owned Serbian Serb midfielder reached 88 percent, the average number of successful tackle is quite capable for an anchor midfielder.

But Bosnich expression can not be spelled out too accurately, considering the newly purchased midfielder Blues Tiemoue Bakayoko has better statistics than Matic. The former Monaco midfielder excelled in terms of successful success, the number of intercept, and also the sweep of Matic.

So how the supporters of Chelsea, has relati Matic moved to Manchester United? (Source: TalkSport)

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