Ketum PSSI Will Take Action Hard Officers Supporters

Ketum PSSI Will Take Action Hard Officers Supporters

PSSI Chairman Edy Rahmayadi regretted the fans’ unrest in Persita Tangerang versus PSMS Medan, Wednesday (11/10/2017). Edy also expressed her deep sorrow over the death of the victim, Banu Rusman.

Banu died, Thursday (10/12/2017). “We are very sorry and sorry for this incident and we also grieve and express our sympathy for the families of the victims,” ​​said Edy Rahmayadi.

Edy Rahmayadi revealed PSSI will find out the cause of this riot. He also promised to take action against the perpetrators.

“Football is supposed to be an amusement,” Edy said. Edy said for a while it would not allow supporters from the soldiers to get into the stadium.

“I’m going to find out why, because I know for a while, before the rioters of supporters who threw soldiers at the helm, 15 heads were leaking,” Edy said.

According to Edy, if any soldier is proven to be involved and guilty then will be given punishment in accordance with the rule of law.

As is known, in the last party of both teams in Group B 16 of League 2’s second, PSMS Medan Persita successfully beat the score 1-0. The match itself lasted conducive for 90 minutes.

Komdis Session

Ricuh supporters PSMS and Persita in Cibinong
Antarsuporter riot occurred at the end of the match 16 major League 2 2017 between Persita Tangerang and PSMS Medan in Mini Stadium Persikabo, Cibinong. (Special)
Previously, PSSI expressed deep sorrow for the death of Banu Rusman. Related to this incident, Secretary General of PSSI, Ratu Tisha Destria, confirmed it will act quickly to take a decision.

“We convey condolences and deep sorrow,” said Tisha who received news of the death of Persita supporters on the sidelines of the preparation of the finals Pertamina Cup Soeratin in Yogyakarta.

Sympathy is also expressed by Vice Chairman of PSSI, Joko Driyono. The man who is also Vice President of AFF is even straight to the house of the deceased to express his grief directly and meet with his family.

“For other victims who are currently hospitalized we wish them well soon and hope this incident does not recur, yesterday’s violence or unrest is the competition discipline, God willing, in this case the PSSI Disciplinary Committee will soon be in session to take the right decision,” Joko.

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