Rows of Persebaya Guided Players Shining at Other Clubs

Rows of Persebaya Guided Players Shining at Other Clubs

Persebaya Surabaya was once known as one of the star player producers. For years this club has produced many quality players. Among them, there is a big team with his senior, but not a few who flutter with other clubs.

In the last four years, the stars of the guided Persebaya many who choose out to other clubs. This happens as a result of Persebaya’s dualism conflict.

Currently there is a row of young players dropped Persebaya dropout. Call it two stars Madura United, Andik Rendika Rama and Fandi Eko Utomo. Before orbiting with Madura United, the two players had drawn the science of football in two internal clubs Persebaya.

Rama is a Surabaya Partners dropout and former teammate and friend of Evan Dimas Darmono. While Fandi Eko dropout PS Fajar. In addition to Madura United, both also have defended two big clubs of the country. Rama was noted to have strengthened Persija Jakarta and Fandi together Bhayangkara FC.

In addition to these two stars, the shiny Persebaya guard player at another club is Wahyu Subo Seto. Currently, the younger brother of Fandi strengthens Bhayangkara FC. Son of living legend Persebaya (Yusuf Ekodono) is touted as one of the talented young players who ever born Persebaya.

There is also a star of the results of the current Persebaya coaching with other clubs are Indonesian national team stars U-23 and Barito Putera Hansamu Yama Pranata (Black Ants), Persela midfielder Fahmi Al Ayyubi (Pusura and Bajul Ijo), former captain of the Indonesian national team U-19 Evan Dimas Darmono (Mitra Surabaya), and Indonesian national team goalkeeper and Persegres Satria Tama (HBS).

“Besides them, there are still many other clubs that are guided by Persebaya, such as Andik Vermansah KSI (now Selangor FA), Taufiq from Fatahillah 234 (Bali United), Slamet Nurcahyo ever in Assyabaab Surabaya (Madura United) and many more, “said Kardi Suwito, one of the officials of PT Persebaya Indonesia.

Although for the last three years of internal competition Askot PSSI Surabaya not played, Persebaya still continue to produce players reliably. Kardi is confident, despite only holding tournaments at all ages.

“Our coaching was disrupted when Persebaya under PT PI was not recognized by Djohar Arifin Husin’s PSSI era, but we are still able to produce a lot of talented young players, and in a year or two they will color football soccer,” he said.

Persib Determined to Win 4 Game Time

Persib Determined to Win 4 Game Time

Winger Persib Bandung Febri Hariyadi is determined to bring victory in the remaining four matches of this League 1 competition. For him, defeat at home Persela Lamongan, Sunday (10/22/2017) and so pelecut for Persib players more hard work.

Persib subjected 0-1 at the Stadium Surajaya, Lamongan, headquarters Persela, in the 31st week continued action. The defeat became the eighth this season, to make Maung Bandung down to rank 12 standings.

“It’s a disappointing result but the players have tried,” Febri said as quoted from the club’s official website on Tuesday (24/10).

After a visit to East Java, Persib is scheduled to host Mitra Kukar, Friday (27/10) at the Stadium Starling Harupat. Febri and his friends benefited in this fight, because the visitors had just beaten 0-4 from Borneo FC at home.

In addition, Persib also has a good record every entertain Mitra Kukar at home. Of the last six meetings since 2014, Persib won five times and once a draw.

“We will work hard from game to game, hopefully in the next match can be swept clean,” said the Indonesian national team players U-22.

In line with Febri, Persib midfielder Kim Kurniawan added a solid schedule that dijalanin his team is not a reason for their poor performance. Kim is determined to deploy all the best abilities in the remaining four matches in League 1 this.

“In four games, we have to get better, unlike yesterday, I do not want to see Persib like this, but we will definitely try on the pitch, if we know the cause we must have done it,” Kim said.

“The schedule may be influential, but as a professional player we have to face it, not an excuse,” Kim said.

Bhayangkara FC Ready to Combat PSM Makassar

Bhayangkara FC Ready to Combat PSM Makassar

Leading leaders Klasemen League 1, Bhayangkara FC (BFC), ready to fight when entertaining PSM Makassar in advanced Liga 1 Indonesia in Patriot Bekasi stadium on Thursday (19/10/2017) night. In the latter session at the International Sport Club of Indonesia (ISCI), Tuesday (10/17/2017) morning, the players look compact.

They have forgotten the defeat of Barito Putera. Bhayangkara FC coach, Simon McMenemy, called, timya in good condition.

“We did not win against Barito but Bali did not. So the difference between our points is still fixed. However, we must remain concentrated and focused against the PSM, “said the Scottish coach in a release received

Simon mentions, PSM Makassar is a good team. They, says McMenemy, are even stronger in every game. The proof, they can beat Persib Bandung.

“But we will play in our own way, so the players have to stay focused and play like what we played so far,” explained the former coach of the Philippine national team.

Against PSM, BFC can be reinforced by elegant young midfielder Wahyu Subo Seto. Subo, his call call, the game against PSM need high concentration.

“PSM is a fairly compact team. It’s not easy to beat them. But our determination is unanimous. We have to win and get three points at home. Bharamania is increasingly supporting us. Obviously we will be increasingly excited, “said Subo.

Difference Four Points

The plan, Evan Dimas and his friends will do the official training on Wednesday (18/10/2017) morning. This is different than usual.

Typically, McMenemy always performs official night training when his team plays night. Simon said, his team did a pretty solid game. He wants his team to get enough rest while doing the morning workout.

Bhayangkara FC currently tops League 1 with 59 points from 29 matches. While PSM in third position with four points difference.

Ketum PSSI Will Take Action Hard Officers Supporters

Ketum PSSI Will Take Action Hard Officers Supporters

PSSI Chairman Edy Rahmayadi regretted the fans’ unrest in Persita Tangerang versus PSMS Medan, Wednesday (11/10/2017). Edy also expressed her deep sorrow over the death of the victim, Banu Rusman.

Banu died, Thursday (10/12/2017). “We are very sorry and sorry for this incident and we also grieve and express our sympathy for the families of the victims,” ​​said Edy Rahmayadi.

Edy Rahmayadi revealed PSSI will find out the cause of this riot. He also promised to take action against the perpetrators.

“Football is supposed to be an amusement,” Edy said. Edy said for a while it would not allow supporters from the soldiers to get into the stadium.

“I’m going to find out why, because I know for a while, before the rioters of supporters who threw soldiers at the helm, 15 heads were leaking,” Edy said.

According to Edy, if any soldier is proven to be involved and guilty then will be given punishment in accordance with the rule of law.

As is known, in the last party of both teams in Group B 16 of League 2’s second, PSMS Medan Persita successfully beat the score 1-0. The match itself lasted conducive for 90 minutes.

Komdis Session

Ricuh supporters PSMS and Persita in Cibinong
Antarsuporter riot occurred at the end of the match 16 major League 2 2017 between Persita Tangerang and PSMS Medan in Mini Stadium Persikabo, Cibinong. (Special)
Previously, PSSI expressed deep sorrow for the death of Banu Rusman. Related to this incident, Secretary General of PSSI, Ratu Tisha Destria, confirmed it will act quickly to take a decision.

“We convey condolences and deep sorrow,” said Tisha who received news of the death of Persita supporters on the sidelines of the preparation of the finals Pertamina Cup Soeratin in Yogyakarta.

Sympathy is also expressed by Vice Chairman of PSSI, Joko Driyono. The man who is also Vice President of AFF is even straight to the house of the deceased to express his grief directly and meet with his family.

“For other victims who are currently hospitalized we wish them well soon and hope this incident does not recur, yesterday’s violence or unrest is the competition discipline, God willing, in this case the PSSI Disciplinary Committee will soon be in session to take the right decision,” Joko.

Septian David Maulana Evolves with Indonesian National Team Uniform

Septian David Maulana Evolves with Indonesian National Team Uniform

Septian David Maulana continued his glorious performance with Indonesian national team uniform. Yesterday (4/10/2017), David contributed one goal in Indonesia’s 3-1 victory over Cambodia at the Patriot Stadium, Bekasi.

Two other Garuda Team goals nested Lerby Eliandri and Rezaldi Hehanusa. David appeared from the first minute before being replaced Evan Dimas in the 64th minute. Previously, while appearing in the SEA Games 2017 Malaysia, Septian also stole the show through impressive performances.

Semarang midfielder was a total scored three goals with Indonesia U-23 national team in the SEA Games 2017. He has been called to defend the U-19 national team and participate in the 2014 U-19 Asian Cup in Myanmar.

When under the care of Indra Sjafri, David is placed as a winger. However, his role changed when David trained Luis Milla. The Spaniard makes the 21-year-old a liaison between the midfield and the front.

Proven role that makes this Mitra Kukar player more effective in the field. David can be a modern playmaker who in addition to being prosecuted can also be free to move anywhere with the ball.

But, when not holding the ball, he must follow the direction of the defense diagram directed by Luis Milla. David also not infrequently penetrate in the opponent’s penalty box.

Growing rapidly

Marinus Wanewar, Ezra Walian, Septian David Maulana, Indonesia U-22 national team
This 1996-born attacking midfielder is very crucial role to increase the sting power of Indonesia U-22 national team. He is very reliable as a surprise breaker when the Red-White Team attack line is in deadlock. ( Yogi Trisna)
David started his soccer career at the School of Soccer (SSB) Bhaladika Semarang in 2010 until 2012. Rapid development and in 2013 he represented Indonesia in the Asian Student Cup U-18.

At the event, David was awarded the best player. His career continued by strengthening the Indonesian national team U-19 under the care of coach Indra Sjafri and became AFF Cup winners U-19 in Sidoarjo.

Mitra Kukar brings it to 2015 and is still loyal with the club from Kalimantan until now. He also became the main choice in the squad Naga Mekes.

Luis Milla often believes in David’s ability to play behind the striker. Both in the U-23 national team or senior, David always try to show the best of his ability.

Interesting awaits lunge David next with Garuda Team uniform. Moreover, the future is still long with a young age, David can continue to be the mainstay of the Indonesian national team during its progress increased.

Profile of Septian David Maulana

Indonesia National Team Silence Cambodia
Indonesian national team player, Septian David Maulana after breaking the goal of Cambodia in a friendly match at the Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, Wednesday (4/10). Indonesian national team won 3-1 over Cambodia.
Profile of Septian David Maulana

Place Date of birth: Semarang, Central Java, September 1, 1996

Height: 172 cm

Playing position: Attacker or Midfielder.

A junior career

2010-2012: SSB Bhaladika

2013: Student Asian Cup Team U-18.

Clubs: Mitra Kukar (2015- present)

2013-2014: Indonesian national team U-19

2016: Indonesian national team

2017: Indonesian national team U-22.

AFF Prepares Award for Southeast Asian Football Insan

AFF Prepares Award for Southeast Asian Football Insan

ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) held a meeting in Bali, starting today until tomorrow. The meeting, entitled AFF 12th Council Meeting, will be held at Sofitel Hotel Nusa Dua and followed by 12 countries.

“This meeting will discuss various issues related to football in Southeast Asia,” said Secretary General of PSSI, Ratu Tisha in Nusa Dua, Friday (22/09/2017).

Not only to discuss various issues around the world of football, on the sidelines of the meeting will also be awarded to soccer societies.Several categories will be given.

AFF Awarding Night name. This award will be given to a number of soccer societies who are considered to contribute to the development of football in the country and in Southeast Asia.

“Awarding Night is what will be eagerly awaited and is a surprise for the people of Indonesia,” said Queen Tisha.

Trio and Secret Weapon of Persib So Threat of Semen Padang

Trio and Secret Weapon of Persib So Threat of Semen Padang

Coach Semen Padang, Nilmaizar wary of three players Persib Bandung, Febri Hariyadi, Ezechiel N’Douassel and Michael Essien. According to Nilmaizar, three players Maung Bandung was the most dangerous threat plus Raphael Maitimo who became a secret weapon.

Semen Padang must visit the headquarters of Persib today (9/9/20170 at Starling Harupat Stadium, Soreang, Bandung regency, in the continued competition of League 1 2017. Nilmaizar wants his children to minimize errors so as not to make opponents can scoring opportunities.

“Beware of many players, there is (Michael) Essien, Ezechiel who just became Persib star, Febri (Hariyadi) is also good, but Maitimo in the second round he is good,” explained Nilmaizar during a press conference before the fight.

“So all Persib players are dangerous, we do not have a one-on-one guard, so the dangerous players we keep tight, that’s all,” he said.

Coach from Payakumbuh, West Sumatra is said, lately Persib got a positive trend. Back bobotoh presence in the stadium stand after sanctions can also be an extra boost for Atep and friends.

“Now they are more confident and show them big clubs, so that’s what they show, they started to rise in the second round,” explained the former Indonesian national team coach.

“It must be more vigilant after the big win yesterday, because all their lines, all live,” said Nilmaizar.

However, the team nicknamed Kabau Sirah came to Si Starling Harupat is not without capital. Semen Padang good record at home Persib several years ago could be a reference.

“That’s what we like with the players, just like in Solo, Solo has its own history for Semen Padang, where we are promoting to the super league Hopefully our history at Si Harupat Starling is good, we can win Including repeat memory 2014” bebernya.

Three Duel Players Malaysia vs Indonesia That Will Happen in SEA Games Semifinals 2017

Three Duel Players Malaysia vs Indonesia That Will Happen in SEA Games Semifinals 2017

Indonesia U-22 national team will face Malaysia in the semi-finals of the SEA Games soccer branch 2017 on Saturday (26/8) night.

Garuda Young himself qualify for the semi-finals with runner-up status of Group B to accompany the group winning Thailand. Malaysia won Group A with a perfect result, 12 points from four matches, and accompanied by Myanmar.

Malaysia also became a fertile team in the SEA Games in 2017 for scoring 10 goals throughout the group stage. However, Ong Kim Swee’s troops have conceded four goals.

Meanwhile, Indonesia is unbeaten throughout the group phase phase with three wins and two draws. Garuda Muda team scored seven goals and only conceded one.

From the group phase of the two teams live there are some players stand out and likely will duel on the game tonight. Here are three duel players Malaysia and Indonesia that potentially occur in the semi-final match.

1. Duel Andy Setyo vs Thannabalan Nadarajah

The absence of Hansamu Yama, coach Luis Milla hopes on players from PS PSI club. Moreover, solid performance and discipline has been shown by the former captain U-19 national team in this Eduar Tjong era.

Andy is a typical defender who is not adventurous. He played without compromise and discipline in guarding the defense of Indonesia. He is also calm in the play and not easily provoked provocation of opposing players.

But this toughness re-tested by the Malaysian striker, Thannabalan Nadarajah. At a meeting of U-23 Asia Cup qualifiers last month in Thailand, Andy already knows the greatness of the striker who scored one of his three goals nested into Satria Sama’s goal at the time.

Not only that, along the SEA Games title in 2017, Thannabalan has even scored three goals. These goals dilesatkan the player when playing against Singapore and Myanmar, as many as two goals. This incision placed him as Malaysia’s top score in the SEA Games.

Andy himself must be wary of the excess of the players who are able to escape from the shadows of opposing players. In addition, players from Felcra FC is also good at using the ball rebounds in the penalty box.

2. Evan Dimas vs Nor Azam Abdul Azih

Indonesia vs Malaysia match in semifinal SEA Games football 2017 as well as exciting duel between Evan Dimas vs Nor Azam. Who will win the game tonight will certainly master the midfield.

Both players themselves are the brains of both teams attack. Even both teams are very dependent on these two players as creators of attack.

It was obvious when both were absent on the pitch. For example when the game against Vietnam, the absence of Evan made Indonesia repeatedly failed to drain the ball into the front lines. The result, in that match Indonesia almost did not threaten the defense squad Nguyen Huu Thang care.

Evan’s ability to supply the ball into the attack line of Indonesia is currently still no player to replace it. Not only that Evan is also a complete player, he is also good at controlling the ball, and looking for empty space.

In Malaysia dependence with the Pahang FA penggawa is also felt when he was reserved in the game against Singapore at that time they even lost 1-0.

But the entry of players who have full name Nor Azam Abdul Azih this change the rhythm of tiger play Malaya. They finally led 2-1 where he also managed to score a goal from outside the penalty box. It is also a proof if this player also has a high goal scoring instinct.

Apart from the comparison of individual abilities, Evan has an advantage in terms of the experience of matching at national and international level compared to Nor Azam.

In addition to playing in a more regular competition, Evan is also noted to have strengthened the Indonesian national team at various levels and international competitions. While Nor not even record senior caps of the national team.

3. Ezra Walian vs Matthew Davies

Both players are both naturalized products and both have high posture. Surely these two players will be dueling each other when receiving the top balls.

Ezra’s own name so own concern for coach Ong Kwim Swee remember he has experience in European level competition. Ezra’s glorious appearance on the contra game of Cambodia is considered dangerous for Malaysia. Moreover, he has scored one goal.

While the advantages Davies also skilled in reading the strategy opponent. Therefore, the Indonesian national team must have a sniper strategy to outwit Davies.

Indra Sjafri Give Injection to the U-22 National Team

Indra Sjafri Give Injection to the U-22 National Team

Indonesia U-19 national team coach, Indra Sjafri, gave an injection of spirit for U-22 national team squad Indonesia that will compete in the SEA Games 2017 Malaysia starting August 14.

It is commonly done Indra Sjafri. Understandably, a number of pillars in the Luis Milla landing squad is a U-19 national team squad when winning AFF Cup U-19 2013. Call it the name Evan Dimas, Hansamu Yama, Muhammad Hargianto, Putu Gede Juni Antara, until goalkeeper Ravi Murdianto.

“Now their coach is Luis Milla, so what Milla is instructed to follow,” Indra said after the team’s release to the SEA Games in Makostrad, Jakarta, Thursday (08/10/2017).

“I can only pray that the players can perform as much as possible,” said Minang bloody trainer.

In the event that took place warmly, Indra indeed had a long chat with Evan Dimas.

“Yeah, I talked a lot with Evan, that’s why he will get more motivated,” said Indra.

In the first match of Group B, Indonesia will meet Thailand defending champion at Shah Alam Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, Tuesday (15/08/2017) at 15:00 pm.

PSSI Allow Persib Game Vs PS TNI Attended Attendance

PSSI Allow Persib Game Vs PS TNI Attended Attendance

Secretary General of PSSI, Queen Tisha Destria, confirmed that the match of the 17th week of League 1 between Persib Bandung counter PS TNI remain with the audience Sbobet Casino.

However, there is no allowed attributes Persib supporters in the game.

Through the letter number 1965 / AGB / 400 / VIII-2017, Tisha explained that bobotoh still got sanction ban into the stadium.

Therefore, there should be no yells or songs and characters and bobotoh character in the game.

As reported by the club’s official website, referring to the PSSI Discipline Commission Number 060 / L1 / SK / KD-PSSI / VII / 2017, it has been confirmed that the game remains with the presence of the audience.

Prohibition only applies to Persib supporters with various attributes it carries.

“Implementation (komdis decision), the match with the audience. However, Persib supporters are not allowed to enter the stadium,” the statement said in a letter dated August 3, 2017.

According to him, in addition to singing and character, Persib supporters can be seen from the attributes, flags, choreography, both communal and personal or the existence of banners and other forms of support against Persib.

“This letter is as an affirmation to the club management Persib to be able to carry out this decision with the best, and PT Liga Indonesia Baru to be able to run the supervision of the game,” he said.